About Tash’s Salt

Your companion along your healing journey

Tash’s Salt is a restorative sanctuary — A place to cultivate, nurture and restore inner peace and harmony in your daily life.

As an interdisciplinary curator of “in-sights”, I tend to your core wounds and show you that the “well of being” (healing) begins at the threshold of your fears: the place in our lives where resistance shows up the most. It is also filled with light.

Like a modern Alchemist, I use the element of Salt as my seed for invention (inspiration). I seek to understand macro worlds via micro means and vice versa.

My tools: The human mind, body and spirit.

Portrait of Natasha Jean-Bart

How can I serve you?

By joining Tash’s Salt, you allow me, “Tash,” to look deeper into “you”. I will deliver only what is sensible and practical to jumpstart your path toward choosing a healthier approach to living a balanced and centered life, the rest is up to you.

(I) do not put the mirror in front of you. (I) place the mirror above you and show you how to raise your spirit and see a truer version of how you walk in the world – “a bird’s eye perspective.” You must look below from above, outside from within. In this manner, the mirror won’t bounce back the distorted image you have of yourself. Be it in a grain of sand or with a grain of salt, both are metaphorical seeds needed to view the world with the one true-eye (I) – The one that lies between the two thieves.

At the fork between two paths is where we often face doubt. Choose the true path, which is the higher path, …


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