buddha Disciples Manifesto

Disciples’ Manifesto

Dear Seekers and Companions,

With the 2017 year coming to a close and while the New Year’s resolutions are still unborn seedlings and ideas, I would like to take this time to remind you of your potential. You may not see it, but it exists. First, let’s remember that without concentration, willingness, and incremental efforts, nothing grows. 

My gift to you for this new season is materially formless. « Madness! » you may say. I say, « Priceless! » 

A short oversight of 2017

2017 was a strange year. Most of us lived through much existential crisis stemming from an all-exhaustive, out-of-balance inner and outer environment. Humanity as a whole was proof enough that we have much healing to do. On a world scale, unconscious tantrums were thrown as if we had never matured into healthy adults. Many of our fears were brought back to the surface as we were faced with the buried and distorted reflections and conditioning carried since childhood. It wasn’t all bad. But it was the catalyst needed to launch us towards a purposeful and meaningful path.

Envisioning 2018

My gift to you is merely an experiment. I call it the « Disciples’ Manifesto .» The purpose behind it is to start applying its steps every day. No need to play the illusory game of time, or wait after the holidays to begin this discipline. Your path to haleness starts now.

« Disciples’ Manifesto »

Step 1:  Meditate once upon waking in the morning and once before going to sleep (even if it’s only 5 minutes, 20 min for better results.)
Step 2:Forgive yourself for something you have done. Then forgive another.
Step 3:Ask the Universe to put you in service of someone in need. 
Step 4:Every time you are faced with fear or doubt, always choose the path that invites and creates more love.
Step 5:For every gift you receive, re-gift (re-give) something to someone, or to a cause.
Step 6:When invoking a ‘resolution’ or an intention use the words « I will » instead of the words « I wish »
Step 7:For every mundane activity you dislike or resist (either doing the dishes, laundry, exercise, etc.). Bring your awareness into the present and infuse them with love.
Step 8:Add one last step, or personal thought/vision to this list and apply willful concentration to creating and embodying it in your daily life. 

Reminder: There are no failures as each step belongs on the path. Practice serving the whole instead of the small self. Download and print it. Stick it on your fridge or next to your bedroom or bathroom mirror. It’s a great prompt to trigger awareness and mindfulness.

The « Disciples’ Manifesto » acts as « Direct Messaging » to and from your higher self. Your mind acts as your private line and is both the caller and receiver to one universal grid. 

When you begin to witness myriads of empowering and transformative turn of events in your life and in the life of those you hold dear, do send me a note. You are in direct connection with the source. I have included a blank “Progress (Journal)” for you to write your “in-sights”. Upon mutual consent, I will invite you to share your story with other seekers and companions via my blog.

Willingly yours,

Happy Holidays!


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