placebo effect

The Placebo Effect

Believe it or not, I approach every idea with openness and a tad of healthy skepticism.

Why? Perhaps because curiosity drives me/us to seek answers. I know that when we ask our minds to look deeper into anything, it opens a whole world of possibilities. Someone that isn’t open to an idea cannot reap its benefits, yet it often takes a shadow of a doubt to inspire us to dig for the truth. One doesn’t always know that an idea is merely another form of placebo; a small seed that begins the work at expanding one’s vision. One must always discriminate after seeing the whole picture. It isn’t the idea that creates volition, but the will to apply energy to the vision that creates a leap in consciousness that eventually mutates the form. I don’t just believe, I KNOW and must “re-member” at a cellular level.

I have learned that whatever I feel resistance to holds an immense potential for my growth. The uneasiness always creates two possibilities; one that I must explore, and one that I just want to avoid. The curious thing is, whatever I have been able to avoid until now is just waiting for me. It’s part of the design and even if I purposely choose the other path… this lesson is like a ghost at my heels, following me no matter which way I lean towards.

… Sadhguru said; “Yoga is not an exercise, it’s a science.” 

In my youth, there were two things I utterly resisted, reading, and cats. Later in life, the only other thing I could not stand was meditation/yoga. These combined were “no-go” zones and I made sure to stick to my “beliefs” that they were all wasting my time. 
I ended up having 18 cats (not all at once), read so many books I can’t even count, and finally, after struggling against adopting yoga for the last 12 years, one “guru” in an interview named Sadhguru said; “Yoga is not an exercise, it’s a science.” Well, it took those nine words to plant the seed of curiosity. These words were like someone ringing a bell inside a hollow room. It resonated throughout my beings like a fundamental truth heard in passing.

And so I began experimenting with meditation. It was vital that I get as close to the source as possible. I found it, maybe not « the one » but close enough. I discovered that what appears on the path soon after starting to work on the inner self is proof that meditation works beyond a shadow of a doubt. Things began to take shape on my road, if it wasn’t magic, what was it then?

Are you curious? Want to know more? Accompany me on the path, and I will tell you stories that may help you see how this all works.

Tash’s Salt.

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