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“Sole” is water and salt combined into one natural solution.

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Tash’s Salt bottle is the perfect solution to make your own Sole.


Hydrate your body, boost your energy and immune system, help clear your skin from acne, etc.

It comes with a beautiful glass bottle, 100% natural pink Himalayan salt, a wooden spoon and muslin bag.

All you need to do is add some spring water!

PS: It makes also a great Gift 😉


“Sole” is water and salt combined into one natural solution.


Together they are the primary building blocks of life. Like the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb, Sole contains the essential energy for the creation of life.


“Water and Salt are not only absolute necessities for our body but also for our consciousness. Every single element within the salt has its own vibrational pattern that resonates with vibrational patterns in our body.”


Energy potential is released when water merges with salt.


“Sole is an exceptional restorative for harmonizing your acid-alkaline pH balance”

Excerpts from Water & Salt Book by Dr. med. Barbara Mendel and Peter Ferreira


I invite you to learn more about Salt, its health benefits and the difference between Himalayan salt and table salt in the following article.

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