Stumbling upon the study of Salt came from a series of unrelated events. One fantasy book showed this sign ∅ as the magic sign. It also said that the word Vishnu had etymological roots in viś, meaning to pervade, thereby connoting that Vishnu is “one who is everything and inside everything.”

Interestingly, I had recently doodled a similar symbol Ɵ in a moment of what the mind would call; guided inspiration see here (drawing). This research was momentarily interrupted by the daily “busy-ness”of my unconscious/conscious mind.

… the alchemy symbol for salt is Ɵ …

A few weeks later while strolling through an Arts & Crafts Festival in Phoenix Arizona, my husband said to me: “If you see something you like, let me know!” All smiles, my reply was: “I will know when I see it!” Lo and behold, as we were about to exit the festival, there it was; a silver necklace with its chain piercing right through the circle’s equator.

It was a sign. Those who know me know how important signs are in my life. I began to look deeper into the meaning of the symbol and discovered that the alchemy symbol for salt is Ɵ. This was the beginning of what is now Tash’s Salt — A synthesis of the many paths, which continue to have a profound impact on my life and health. It brought me to places where my right brain had to accept that I also had a left hemisphere. The (I) needed to dissect everything I read. It dug into biology, chemistry, herbal medicine, alchemy, world history, meditation and so much more. I suddenly had a revelation. “It” was all interconnected. Dissecting “it” all is madness.

Salt Ɵ was the ∅ magic and secret ingredient.

I came to (my personal and subjective) conclusion that what the ancient alchemists were uncovering while looking for that elusive Philosopher’s Stone had much to do with universal and natural laws. They were using the elements at their base levels: disorder, and trying to recreate a perfect cosmos; order, on Earth, or was it within?

To transmute and to crystallize a form requires multiple processes of combining various elements from their base into perfected more matured and purified forms (our bodies are great examples). Many folktales recount how those who had uncovered the grail were showered with riches by the old Kings. Salt was in their dish, yet salt remained unseen. Salt Ɵ was the ∅ magic and secret ingredient.

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