Walk with Me…

If you are here reading these words, you have already begun the work. You most likely have asked yourself “What is the meaning of my life?”, that is the first step in seeking. The seeker is always guided by an inner and outer force. He/she is curious, yet not all seekers seek adventure. Some of us need to embark on a quieter road which provides a sense of direction and belonging.

Beginner Seeker

If this is your first time seeking guidance, this path is quiet and simple. I have already invited you, and all you need to do is contact me. With this initial contact you will receive a free 15-minute consultation where we will decide which path serves you best depending on the answers you provide.

*This Path is required before moving on to companion seeker. I will gather your basic information which will help me gather the necessary tools in order to accompany you along your healing journey.


Companion Seeker

You have already begun the steps as a beginner seeker and you are looking to further explore your gifts, purpose and life’s work via Tash’s Tools.

You are ready to explore, choose your path;

Path 1. ∅ Exploring your gifts as a catalyst to your potential – (Path 1 pinpoints your talents and strengths to create a centered and balance life)

Path 2. ∅ Exploring your core wounds as a catalyst to healing – (Path 2 helps you target the main areas where you may have accumulated blockages throughout our life)

Path 3. ∅ Demystifying your life’s work to unlock your purpose – (Path 3 unearths how you can achieve the most prosperity by applying key changes in your life.

Path 4. ∅ Creating a safe space to nurture/host your inner work – (Path 4 invites you to work with me in a guided companion retreat /workshop * offline location * check calendar to reserve your space).


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