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The idea came to me after a few synchronistic events that led me to study salt. I was curious to try “Sole Water” because I had a lifelong resistance to drinking water (I gag when I drink it if I am not thirsty or if I drink too much at once).

After a few months of studying both salt and water, I realized that the reason I never liked the taste of water was that I was often drinking acidic water. It makes me feel sick to the point of vomiting. Crazy, I know! At 46, I discovered that my body absorbed alkaline water easily, ‘sole water’ is alkaline (lemon water is also alkaline, but it doesn’t have the extra benefits of sole). So I tried to make ‘sole water’ just to experiment.

To tell you the truth, I did not have high expectations. It took me a few days to get used to the salty taste first thing in the morning. It’s pretty much like drinking sea water without the algae stench. I disliked it with cold water, but with room temperature water it was somehow drinkable (a cup (4 ounces) of water with one teaspoon of the sole is perfect for me). Eventually, I began to enjoy the taste. I wasn’t ready for the other benefits aside from the said energy boost and flushing the toxins out of one’s system. I drank it every morning as recommended and waited 30 minutes before eating breakfast. The result: The acid reflux stopped, and I drink less juice than I used to since I don’t feel thirsty all the time.

About five days into the experiment, my husband looked at me and noticed that the skin on my face was looking great. It was somehow clear. Everyone I met commented on my glowing skin. Of course, this will not work for any of you or even me if we stubbornly continue to eat chocolate, cheeses and chips. Sole water is not an antidote against lousy eating habits. But if you want it to work, you must be disciplined enough to change your diet, especially if you have problem skin. Eliminating sugars, cheeses, sodas and fried foods is a great start. For those of you who lack discipline, there are other personal benefits; like regulating your bowel movement every day and assisting you in maintaining the water inside your body.

The other fantastic thing that happened is that it cured my lifelong eczema problem. From that moment I was convinced that I should share this with the people I love… but how? I experimented on everyone starting with my husband who is always playing devil’s advocate and popping my fantasy bubble. We all need those people in our lives just to make sure we are still sane or just stark raving mad!

Eventually, it led me to the many paths of Himalayan salt’s uses and benefits; lamps, inhalers, halotherapy, healing and the list goes on.

That is how TASH’S SALT was born.

Tash’s Salt.

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